Mark Gerretsen

Your member of parliament for

Kingston and the Islands

Mark Gerretsen

Your member of parliament for

Kingston and the Islands


Going Green

Net Metering for Individual Generators

This program, offered by Utilities Kingston allows domestic customers to set up renewable energy generators (solar, wind, bio-fuel, etc) and connect them to Kingston’s grid for further use. Someone who generates renewable energy and exports it into the grid will only have to pay the difference between their net export value and actual consumption. For example, if you produce 450 kilowatts (kW) of solar electricity and consume 500 kW of Utility-provided electricity, then you will only pay for the 50 kW difference. Similarly, if you produce 500 kW and consume 450 kW, you will be credited the value of that net export.

For more information on Net Metering, as well as application forms and regulations, click here.


The microFIT program is for renewable energy projects of 10 kW or less. This program is of interest to homeowners, farmers, landlords, as well as institutions, such as schools and places of worship. This program is similar to net metering, except that microFIT offers a guaranteed price on a fixed term for generated energy, rather than counteracting the cost of one’s electricity consumption. microFIT offers actual income rather than a discount on your utility bill.

For more on microFIT, click here.


The FIT program is available for renewable energy projects greater than 10 kilowatts and generally up to 500 kilowatts. It is open to all types of generators, including developers, co-operatives, municipalities and Aboriginal communities. Again, this program offers fixed-rate, guaranteed term contracts.

For more on FIT, click here.

Save-On Energy Programs

Using Energy Star certified appliances can save you up to 325$/year on energy consumption. On top of that, rebates of up to 400$ are available for those who upgrade to ES certified cooling systems and another 250$ to those who upgrade to ES certified heating systems.

For more information on the Save-On HVAC program, click here.

For information on additional Save-On programs, as well as coupons, click here.

Government of Ontario Green Investment Fund with Union Gas

The Home Reno Rebate Program is now enhanced with the Green Investment Fund from the Government of Ontario, which means higher rebates for you! Outfit your home with the right renovations to make it more energy efficient, and you could be eligible for up to $5,000 in rebates from Union Gas.

For more information on this program, click here.

Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

For more information on Ontario’s incentives for driving electric, click here.

Green Municipal Fund

Through the Green Municipal Fund, funding and expertise are offered to municipal governments and their partners for municipal environmental projects, in particular retrofits and new construction projects aimed at energy efficiency. Municipalities are encouraged to consider Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification as they undertake building projects. For retrofits, projects must demonstrate the potential to reduce energy consumption by at least 30% compared to current performance. A minimum of 20% of these energy savings must come from energy efficiency measures and the remainder may come from renewable energy production (e.g. production of wind and solar energy). For new construction, projects must demonstrate an anticipated reduction in design energy consumption of at least 45% compared to the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) 2011. A minimum of 30% of these energy savings must come from energy efficiency measures and the remainder may come from renewable energy production.

For more information on the Green Municipal Fund, click here.