Mark Gerretsen

Your member of parliament for

Kingston and the Islands

Mark Gerretsen

Your member of parliament for

Kingston and the Islands




Games from Parliament

A fun path to learning

Play games that will help you learn your school subjects in a fun way!


Race against the clock

Which documents do you need to vote? Try to find all the documents in the maze before time runs out. But be careful of the potholes!


See if you know the order in which Canada’s provinces and territories joined the Confederation.


You have five minutes to find all the hidden objects in the House of Commons. Can you find them before the clock runs out?


Word finds

Do you know who was Canada’s first female prime minister? Answer the questions and complete the word find.


Which Korean-Canadian actress is best known for her role as Dr. Cristina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”? Use the clues to find her name and those of other Canadians of Asian descent in this word find.


Crossword puzzles

If you think you know your great Canadians, try solving this crossword puzzle as quickly as you can!


Who invented the “Real McCoy”, a device that improved the lubrication process of the moving parts in locomotives? How much do you know about black history in Canada? Challenge your knowledge and try to solve this crossword as fast as you can!


Matching games

Do you have a great memory? See if you can match a province’s or a territory’s shape to its name.


Flip the cards and see if you can match the flag of each province and territory to the correct name.


Test your memory and race against the clock! Flip the cards and try to match the Canadian symbols.


Can you match the Canadian symbols with their names? Give them a try!