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Mark Gerretsen

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How we can help

Our office provides advice and assistance any citizen wishing to obtain or renew their Canadian passport. We can also send your application to the Passport Office in Gatineau to be processed. Unfortunately, we cannot expedite passport applications.

Alternatively, you can send your passport application by mail. Service Canada can send passport applications, but only if they are a standard application.

If you need your new passport sooner than the standard one-month timeframe, you will need to visit a Passport Office. The nearest Passport Offices are in Whitby, and Ottawa.

Any Canadian citizen is eligible for a Canadian passport. The following outlines the steps required to obtain a passport for a Canadian living in Canada or the USA. Please refer to the main page of the Passport Canada web site if you are a Canadian living outside of Canada. In order to ensure that your application is processed in a timely fashion, please submit all the necessary documents with your application.

If you are a first time applicant, or if your passport has expired more than one year ago:

  • Sign and complete all pages of the Adult General application form. (Find out where to obtain application forms).
  • Provide two identical passport photos taken within the last 6 months.
  • Have the application form and one photo signed by an eligible guarantor.
  • Provide original proof of Canadian citizenship. (i.e. birth certificate, Canadian Citizenship card or certificate).
  • Provide any previous Canadian travel document issued to you within the last five or ten years, such as a passport, a certificate of identity or a travel document.
  • Provide at least one government-issued document to support your identity, such as a driver’s license, or a provincial health care card.
  • If you submit original supporting documents, they will be returned to you. If you are submitting photocopies, your guarantor must sign and date the photocopies to indicate that the originals have been seen.
  • Pay the appropriate passport fee.

Important: Please indicate the date of your travel (if known) in the “Date of Travel” field provided at the top of the application form. The issuing office will do its best to accommodate your needs.
If you are renewing a passport that is still valid or has expired within the last year:

  • Sign and Complete the Simplified Renewal application.
  • you must also have been at least 16 years of ageat the time of your previous application;
  • your name on the application form needs to be exactly as it appears on page 2 of the submitted passport;
  • your previous passport cannot have been damaged, reported lost, or stolen
  • With the Simplified Renewal Application Process, you can apply in person in Canada at any Passport Canada service location or by mail in Canada or from the United States.
  • *The new photos do not need to be signed by anyone. However, the name and address of the photographer or studio, as well as the date the photos were taken, must be provided on the back of one photo.


IMPORTANT NOTICE (July 2012): Passport Canada Standardizes Applications for All Families

As of October 1, 2012, applications for a child’s passport will require a detailed proof of parentage document. The goal is to standardize applications for all Canadian families. The proof of parentage document demonstrates the child-parent relationship and is designed to enhance the security of the children’s passports. It can be either a detailed birth certificate issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial vital statistics agency that indicates the name of the parent(s) or a court-issued adoption order indicating the name of the adoptive parent(s). A foreign birth certificate that indicates the name of the parent(s) is also accepted as proof of parentage.

The only exceptions to the new rules will require all of the following conditions:

  • A Canadian passport has previously been issued to the child in his or her name;
  • The previously issued passport is still valid or expired for less than one year; and,
  • The previously issued passport is submitted with the new application.

All other standard requirements, such as submitting proof of Canadian citizenship, continue to apply. Passport Canada is committed to protecting and enhancing the security of the Canadian passport and to doing its part to keep Canadian children safe. All legal documents that refer to custody of, mobility of, or access to the child (including but not limited to separation agreements) must be provided when applying. If a divorce has been granted, a copy of the divorce judgment or order must also be provided to Passport Canada or any of its representatives that accept passport applications in Canada or abroad. Legal guardians must provide proof of legal guardianship when submitting a passport application on behalf of a child. Required documentation is available at provincial service outlets.

New requirements for supporting identity documents when applying for a passport

The following changes to the supporting identity document (ID) requirements for passport applications will take effect on October 20, 2014.

Changes to the ID rules for adult applicants

New criteria have been added to the proof of identity document requirements for a general adult passport application (for applicants age 16 and over).

To be accepted, the identity document must be issued by a federal or provincial/territorial government authority, or local equivalent abroad, and must contain all of the following elements:

  • name, date of birth, sex, photo, and signature.

If an applicant is unable to provide a single piece of identification that fulfills all the requirements, then one or more additional pieces of identification which, when combined, fulfill the requirements, may be accepted. All pieces of identification must be linked by at least one common element.

New requirements to assume a relationship surname

If you are applying for a new passport in an assumed relationship surname that is different from the name on your birth or citizenship certificate, you must submit one of the following documents, along with your birth or citizenship certificate:

  • a marriage certificate; or
  • a common-law relationship certificate; or
  • a court order (i.e. separation agreement or divorce order/judgement) issued by a court of law in or outside Canada; or
  • a certificate to dissolve a registered common-law relationship; or
  • a resumption of surname certificate.

*Note that the identity document submitted in support of your passport application, must display the relationship surname you are requesting.

New requirements for legal name changes

If you are applying for a new passport following a legal name change, you must first update your proof of Canadian citizenship (i.e. your birth certificate in Canada or your Canadian Citizenship Certificate) to reflect your new legal name.